Compare options for Health Plans

Compare our options for Canadian Health Plans. Find out how you can tailor them to suit your needs. We have a variety of options to choose from. The answer to your question: “where can I find affordable health insurance?” is right here. Our well explained plans and quotes simplify your choice.

Individual or Group Health Plans

We offer both. That means, we have a plan right for you. Whether you need a health plan for yourself or for your employees, we can cover you!

Canadian Dental Insurance Plans

At Canadian Health Plans, we offer dental coverage in many of our plans. We offer both:

  • stand-alone dental health plans and
  • dental and health insurance plans.
Compare options for health plans

Get a plan just right for you

Compare options for health plans

Basic Extended Medical Plan

Our lowest-cost plan helps you budget for basic medical and dental needs.

  • Maximum of $750 annually with 60% reimbursement for prescription drugs
  • Maximum $250 per year on paramedical practitioners, per practitioner ($25 per visit)
  • Annual Maximum $500 on preventive dental care
  • No coverage for emergency travel medical or vision care
  • Semi-private hospital room coverage is optional.

Standard Plan extended medical insurance plan

Our most popular plan includes a more extensive drug plan as well as emergency travel, plus optional preventive dental cover.

  • 60% Reimbursement on the first $7000 for prescription drugs per year
  • $300 per year for paramedical practitioners each
  • $150 vision care every 2 years
  • $1 million lifetime maximum on emergency travel medical. Coverage up to 60 days of a trip.
  • Other optional extras may be applicable.

Enhanced Plan medical insurance cover

  • Prescription drugs, 80% reimbursement for first $5,000
  • Paramedical practitioner services up to $400 per year, per practitioner.
  • Vision care up to $200 maximum every 2 years
  • $1 million lifetime maximum on emergency travel medical claims
  • Optional extras may be applicable