Canadian Health Plans

Comparing Health Insurance plans

Get a plan just right for you

Basic Extended Medical Plan

Our lowest-cost plan helps you budget for basic medical and dental needs.
Annual maximum of $750 with 60% reimbursement for prescription drugs
Annual Maximum $250 per year on paramedical practitioners, per practitioner ($25 per visit)
Annual Maximum $500 on preventive dental care
No emergency travel or vision care coverage. Semi-private hospital cover is optional.
Semi-private hospital room coverage is optional. No coverage for emergency travel medical or vision care

Standard Plan extended medical insurance plan

Our most popular plan includes a more extensive drug plan, emergency travel and optional preventive dental cover. 60% Reimbursement on the first $7000 for prescription drugs per year
$300 per year for paramedical practitioners each
$150 vision care every 2 years
$1 million lifetime maximum on emergency travel medical. Coverage up to 60 days of a trip.
Other optional extras may be applicable.

Enhanced Plan medical insurance cover

Prescription drugs, 80% reimbursement for first $5,000
Paramedical practitioner services up to $400 per year, per practitioner.
Vision care up to $200 maximum every 2 years
$1 million lifetime maximum on emergency travel medical claims
Optional extras may be applicable