Group Dental Insurance Plans

Does an employee benefit plan really make a difference? Why would Group dental insurance be important?

Poor Dental Health could impact productivity

Poor oral conditions can affect a person’s health in many ways. The following conditions might have poor oral health as a contributing factor:

  • heart disease
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • respiratory infections

Needless to say that unhealthy employees are unable to be fully productive. For this reason, investing in group medical insurance makes good financial sense.

Researches showed the following in companies offering health cover to employees:

  • they attract better candidates
  • they have a lower staff turnover
  • it contributes towards improving the morale in the workplace
  • ultimately increasing productivity, which leads to greater profit for the company.

Group Dental Insurance Plans – a Tax-deduction

Group dental insurance Premiums paid by the company could be eligible for a tax deduction. The administration of the plan is handled by the insurance company. This enables you to offer benefits to your employees while keeping the cost reasonable for the company as well.

As an employer, you get to decide when your employees become eligible or when they no longer qualify. Your group plan can be adjusted at the end of each term. Your employees are able to adjust their coverage on a yearly basis. With a few exceptions employees with at least 22.5 hours per week will qualify for coverage. The size of your company is one of the determinating factors.

Group Dental Plans

We are here to assist you

Our professionals will assist you. Together we can create, implement and manage a flexible group insurance plan. We are dedicated to giving your employees the coverage they need for peace of mind throughout their employment. Let us walk you through the different dental health insurance plans we have to offer. Contact us today to see how we can work together.

At each growth stage, we work with your company, adapting your plan as your needs change. Regardless of the size of your company, whether you have two or five hundred employees, you can rest have them covered. The dental plans are easy to manage with online services for members and administrators.