Health Insurance Plans for Individuals

At Canadian Health Plans we offer Health Insurance Plans for Individuals. We provide health plans with you in mind. Our Health Insurance Plans for Individuals offer options for you to choose from.

Four types of plans for different life stages:

  1. Personal Health Insurance
  2. Disability Insurance
  3. Critical Health Insurance
  4. Long Term Care Insurance.

We can put together a plan that will work with your budget and give you peace of mind knowing that Canadian Health Plans has got you covered.

We offer health insurance plans for:

  • dental care
  • extended health
  • specialist therapists that are registered
  • hospital stays
  • prescription drugs
  • vision care
  • dismemberment
  • accidental death
  • travel insurance, including emergency travel cover.

Add-ons to our Base Plan:

At Canadian Health Plans, we offer you the choice between optional benefits. This means that you create a plan that is tailored to your needs.

Some optional benefits:

  • dental care
  • emergency travel
  • prescription drugs

You can simply add any of these benefits to your base plan.

With some of the plans we offer, we do not require you to undergo a medical examination.

We provide health plans for individuals
We provide health plans with you in mind

We work with insurers who share our vision of affordable coverage for every Canadian. Regardless of race or national origin, gender or personal identity age or disability, we believe in equality and inclusion, Learn more about our non-discrimination policy here in our FAQ page.

We are ready to provide you with the plan of your choice. It might be that you only need a basic health plan. It could be, that you require a more comprehensive cover. We’ve got the right cover for you! Canadian Health Plans, your trusted health care provider. Get a quote now.